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Litigation Support and Research

At Infotesters Limited, we assist lawyers or advocates in research and coloration of requisite evidence or documentation in relation to commercial disputes, shareholders’ disputes, employment disputes, property disputes, divorce and custody matters, accident and personal injuries claims.

We specialize in difficult hand-to-hand serves of individuals who are attempting to avoid service. As part of the Due Process of Law, it is important that if action is taken against a person in the court of law, they must be notified. A Process server provides the necessary legal documents so that a person is fully informed (most often delivered by hand).

Further, with a well experienced team and numerous resources at our disposal, we have the ability to assist in a wide range of litigation matters by performing any one of the following research services:

  • Court Process Service
  • Background research on witnesses
  • Record searches
  • Fraud investigation
  • Locate witnesses
  • Financial asset research and location of hidden assets
  • Witness identification
  • Accident scene photos, statements, measurements, diagrams
  • Collecting witness statements.