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Fraud & Forensic Investigation

Infotesters Limited has a team of experienced professionals. Our Fraud and Forensic investigations services include:

Computer Forensics – Our investigators provide detailed analysis regarding email communications, websites visited, account information, file copying, file downloads and other activities performed on an individual computer. We are also able to retrieve destroyed or deleted data.

Internet Investigations – We assist companies facing unknown rogue attacks on their reputation by unmasking the true identity of the person responsible for the anonymous online attacks. These attacks often emanate, inter alia, from bitter former employees, social activists that disagree with a business practice, aggressive competitors focused on soiling a business reputation.

Banking and Insurance Fraud Investigations – We perform specialized analysis, detection and investigation to financial institutions on mortgage fraud, payment fraud, credit or debit cards fraud, cheques fraud, and asset finance facility fraud and identity theft. We also conduct insurance claims investigations to evaluate the legitimacy of a claim and combat the prevalence of false or inflated claims.

Employee Fraud Investigations – We investigate and collect evidence where the employer suspects unscrupulous activities by employees at the workplace such as financial misrepresentation, asset misappropriation, corruption, bribery, non-compliance with prescribed laws or legislation and manipulation of prescribed policies and internal control systems of the organization.