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Due Diligence

It is incumbent for every corporate or business person to exercise due care before making important investment decisions or entering into a business transaction or contract.

At Infotesters, we carry out comprehensive investigations and or analysis on either a person or business to establish credibility before a merger, company purchase or acquisition. Our services will give you a complete profile of the target company or your potential business partner(s) based on a wide range of information that we will submit to you to avoid any costly unforeseen mistakes.

Our due diligence investigations services include:

  • Financial profile and analysis;
  • Investigations of corporate affiliations;
  • Address verification;
  • Location of hidden assets;
  • Property ownership enquiries;
  • Overall reputation and background;
  • Pending court cases or disputes;
  • The details and the general reputation of the managers or directors of a company;
  • Professional and educational history;
  • Involvement in crime or dishonorable conduct like theft, fraud, bribery or extortion.