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Background Investigations

It is crucial for every company to conduct background verification on individuals or entities to safeguard against fraudulent activities.

Our background screening services provide you with complete information required to assess a candidate, potential business partners, suppliers and vendors to enable you make informed decisions.

At Infotesters Limited, we offer a wide range of background checks to meet your personal and business requirements. Our extensive range of background verification services includes;

Our extensive range of background verification services includes;

1. Pre-Employment Screening Services;

Screening potential employees is now indispensable for human resource professionals and business owners alike. Losing an employee is already a pricey prospect, and when you add in the cost of hiring and training a replacement it can become a serious drain on company limited resources. This makes it incredibly important to heavily screen potential employees to lessen the chance of having to bring in a new replacement.

At Infotesters limited, we offer background checks on potential employees to reduce employers’ exposure to bad hires. We, inter alia, verify the identity of the individual, employment history, criminal records, education, professional membership, social media checks, litigation history, work habit and attitude, referee checks and eligibility for re-hire.

2. Supplier and Vendor Screening

criminally motivated vendors or falsely procured vendors can have an impact on any organization. Embarrassment and financial instability can be avoided with the investigative methods developed by Infotesters Limited, which efficiently and accurately verify the legitimacy of your vendors.

All these matters can be limited with the use of vendor screening which includes fraud, corruption, kickbacks, collusion, product of funds diversion, embezzlement, breaches of trust. Stop wasting time being unsure. We will partner with your company or firm to thoroughly screen your vendors; including conducting requisite background checks and either qualify or disqualify them.

3. Debt and credit history

We conduct background checks for financial institutions and traders on a customer’s credit history and credit score to establish the customer’s credit worthiness and obviate risks of payment defaults.

4. Social Media Investigations

Social media background checks are a must in this day and age. Nevertheless, all evidence must be properly obtained in an ethical manner as this can make or break your case. At Infotesters, we preserve all evidence in the manner that is permissible in law or adducible as evidence in a court of law.

Our team employs our innovative methods to search social media, search engines, and the deep web in order to locate, capture, and preserve the evidence that evades most investigators. We are also able to locate hidden profiles and document open source intelligence on social media.