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Document verification and authentication

Verification and authentication of documents is one of the most crucial processes of detecting civil, corporate or entity fraud. Therefore, in order to minimize fraud, it is indispensable for parties and professional advisors e.g. lawyers to conduct checks as well as document verification.

At Infotesters, we can help you verify and authenticate documents and records ranging from court orders, identity cards and passport documents, death certificates, marriage certificates as well as business registration or other filings at public registries.

The type of documents verification and authentication that we conduct include:

  • Identity cards and passport verification or checks
  • Court orders or court documents verification
  • Land titles searches and verifications
  • Company (business) registration searches and verification
  • Company documents verification
  • Certificates e.g. marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, medical reports verifications
  • Business documents verifications e.g. Local Purchase Orders (LPOs), tenders and receipts;
  • Academic documents verifications
  • Certificate of good conduct verification

Infotesters provides information reports which include the following:

Directorship Search Report

The report shows you the particulars of a given director and the number of companies he or she is involved or associated with. This enables one to know the matrix network of the director, risks attached to the director, possible conflict of interest situations etc.

Business Identification Report

This report reveals any major changes in the company and gives you the details of legal information of the entity you intend to work or partner with, including its shareholders, the partners and directors.

Registry Information Report

We are able to get you retrievable registry documents such as official returns, certified letters and certified true copies. This shows the details of legal information of the entity you intend to work or partner with including its location, registered address as well shareholders and directors’ information.

Creditworthiness Report

This captures the information relating to creditworthiness of persons, their reputation in the market, operation premises details, financial position, market share, brand details, production capacity and accreditations etc.